A collection of various media/podcasts/etc. from the lab

Story from the Dayton Daily News on McEwan’s Concept of a Quilt Lawn


Graduate students Michaela Woods and Meg Maloney were featured in the Five Rivers Metroparks Magazine

Ryan McEwan won a faculty excellence from SOCHE- Southwestern Ohio Council on Higher Eduction

LINK to award

LINK to University of Dayton Story

Coverage of our restoration research in collaboration with Five Rivers Metroparks LINK.

An article about Jenea Adams, undergraduate researcher in the McEwan Lab who came to UD partly because of interest in the Stander Symposium:  LINK

An infographic on the McEwan lab from the UD Magazine

McEwan lab member Meg Maloney talking about Sustainability at UD

An update of the progress we have made in developing an Environmental Research Area at Old River Park

Why are oaks disappearing?

Radio Show featuring Dr. McEwan

University of Dayton story on Experiential Learning in the lab:  Link

McEwan Lab Honors Student Meg Maloney talks about Experiential Learning at UD focusing on her time as a River Steward

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with lab members Taylor and Mitch

(from the Hanley Sustainability Institute)- Link

Meg Maloney Experiential Learning Podcast

The University of Dayton Experiential Learning Director Dr. Karen Velasquez sat down with McEwan Lab member Meg Maloney to talk about her experiences in our research lab and with sustainable agriculture in India.

Article on our Amur honeysuckle work from Atlas Obscura


Coverage of our Ecological Monographs publication:


Dr. McEwan’s Radio interview about our work with Amur honeysuckle:

“In the Garden” with Ron Wilson

Feature on Dr. McEwan in the Environmental Monitor