Path to Grad School: McEwanlab series

OsageOsage orange trail, Sugar Creek Metropark, ca 2009

Through my career I have been involved in mentoring and advising many undergraduates.  Of these, a large number have had graduate school aspirations.  In this blog series I outline some of the key issues surrounding the graduate school application process.  I provide some factual information and also opinions based on what I have seen work for students in the past.  Obviously, like all of the posts on the McEwanlab blog page, these are opinion-based and are simply an attempt to provide helpful insights.


Path to Grad School:  Take the GRE in October.




Path to Grad School:  Become a Master of Science.




Path to Grad School:  Focus on funding.




Path to Grad School: Things to ask your potential new adviser




Path to Grad School: Finding a fit with a future mentor















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